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Explaindio Player –You Have Full controls

ExplaindioPlayer is the ultimate video customization tool which can be used to personalize and enhance any video, all while allowing you to add it to your website with amazing features that are usually expensive in bigger companies. Plus, you won’t even have to pay for hosting!

With this feature, you have the ability to pinpoint the exact start and end time of your videos. Autoplay and looping are also highly accessible which is very helpful for making cinemagraphs or viral video memes.

With a single click, you can customize the height and width settings of your videos or let them adjust to any device size with full responsiveness. Plus, you can also disable all control elements and toggle full-screen playback for optimal viewing experience

Make your videos look even better and boost viewers’ emotional responses with custom player frames.

ExplaindioPlayer offers customizable player frames that can help increase the emotional connection to video content, resulting in more viewing and sharing. Attractive frames tailored to the video content can make an immense difference in engaging viewers.

Framing your webpage with an incredible design makes it look more professional and appealing. Moreover, it gives viewers more focus on the video content, increasing potential significantly.

Advantage Of New Habit Of Watching Vertical Video On Mobile

There is a noticeable new trend of vertical video viewing on mobile devices. According to industry research, mobile phones are kept in portrait mode 98% of the time.

Separate Playback On Desktop And Mobile.

In order to be successful, you must ensure that your video plays correctly on both desktop and mobile platforms. This means using a video player that can support two separate links for horizontal and vertical videos. Having the same video source for both orientations is crucial to achieving success with your video.

If you want to dramatically increase your mobile video watch through rates, ExplaindioPlayer can be a great help. It not only allows you to display two different videos with horizontal view for desktop and vertical view for mobiles but also has other marketing benefits which can take your business to the next level!

Must Have For Whoever Is Using YouTube Videos On Web Pages.

Recently, Chrome, Safari and other browsers have stopped the auto-play feature for YouTube videos with audio. Unless clicked on by the viewer, videos will stay still instead of automatically playing. This could be a difficult situation for sellers as it could lead to a decrease in engagement & sales due to this new regulation.

ExplaindioPlayer makes it easy to autoplay videos from YouTube, with the added bonus of offering users an option to switch on audio, with a simple “enable sound” icon.

Explaindio Works With Blogs,Websites, Website Builders & Ecommerce Stores

ExplaindioPlayer offers a hassle-free experience as it is cloud-based and doesn’t require any installation or configuration. All you need to do is copy the single line of code and paste it on your website where you want the video to appear. The software is extremely user-friendly and no technical knowledge is needed in order to use it.

ExplaindioPlayer is incredibly versatile and can be used for websites, blogs, ecommerce stores, or with almost any website building software. It opens up a lot of possibilities for businesses no matter what their size or target audience is.


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